Advanced Diploma of Theology (AdvDipTh)

The Advanced Diploma of Theology requires 64 credit points (16 units) for completion, including at least 16 credit points (4 units) at advanced level (indicated by unit codes beginning with 300 or 400). The course duration is 2 years full time, or can be completed over several years part time.

The Advanced Diploma of Theology will concentrate on the disciplines by which knowledge of God is developed and articulated in two main fields:

·       Bible and Languages (OT, NT)

·       Christian Thought (TH, CH, PE)

The course provides a grounding for ministry by establishing a foundation in theological knowledge and reflection. Through elective units students can:

·       Follow study tracks in Bible and Languages and in Christian Thought

·       Develop practical ministry skills (EM, PC, DM)


To receive the Advanced Diploma of Theology students complete:

Old Testament Core

OT201 – Old Testament Foundations
OT202 – Old Testament Prophets and Writings


OT240 – Old Testament Overview

New Testament Core

NT201 – Jesus and the Gospels
NT202 – The Early New Testament Church


NT240 – New Testament Overview

One unit of Old Testament Biblical Exegesis

OT205 – Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel

One unit of New Testament Biblical Exegesis

NT205/424 – John


NT207/427 –Revelation

Two units of Theology

TH210 – The Doctrine of God and the Person and Work of Christ

TH211 – The Holy Spirit, Grace and Hope

Two units of Christian History

CH201 – Christianity in History to 1550
CH202 – Christianity in History from 1550

Ministry and Practice Electives

6 to 8 ministry and practice elective units (depending on your selection of New and Old Testament core units)

DM204/404 – Christian Education in Practice

DM214 – Chaplaincy in Educational Settings

DM210/310 – Foundations in Youth Ministry

DM220/320 – Introduction to Church-based Children’s Ministry

DM215/315 – Foundations in Young Adult Ministry

EM223/324 – Foundations for Evangelism

PC201/301 – Ministry Formation

PC203/403 – Pastoral Skills & Methods

PC235 – Principles of Leadership & Management

PC247/447 – Introductory Preaching