Larissa & Josh Goscombe

Where are they now?

Larissa and Josh Goscombe met while they were at Youthworks College. They graduated in 2015 and were married the following year. In Josh’s words, God’s plan that brought them together was “so good…the best plan”.

Larissa and Josh both chose to study at Youthworks College after being encouraged by their ministry mentors. Larissa caught a vision for children’s ministry from Jana Koulouris (Youthworks College, 2010) and Sarah Munns (Youthworks College, 2007) at St George North Anglican Church. Larissa wanted to be a children’s minister like her mentors and to study where they studied.

Josh says he only got interested in kids’ and youth ministry while completing Year 13. He found his musical gifts and energy were a good fit for ministry. And when someone tapped him on the shoulder and coaxed him to go to College, he thought, “I would love to do that, to teach big truths to kids and youth”.

Larissa and Josh now serve together at TOMS Anglican Churches in Cranebrook, where Josh is the Youth and Families Minister, and Larissa is the Children’s Minister. Their roles cross over and they love working together as a team alongside their senior minister, Rev Adam Taylor.

Larissa and Josh say the lessons they learnt at College have stayed with them as they have transitioned into vocational ministry. Josh particularly remembers finding Tour confronting. He says reading Bonhoeffer made him see his own arrogance and the importance of repentance. “The last thing you want is an arrogant Church leader”, says Josh.

Larissa says she left Youthworks knowing 10 times more than when she arrived and although she feels like she just “scratched the surface of the Bible”, she says College did equip her to exegete the Bible and communicate its truths to children with confidence. Both say College taught them that kids’ and youth ministry must start with the family, both theologically and practically.

Larissa and Josh are blessed to see the ministry at TOMS growing under their leadership. Josh spent the first two years working on developing a Christ-centred and welcoming Youth Group, and making Youthworks’ Leaders in Training (LiT) camp a feature of the program.

This year, a key focus for TOMS Youth is members inviting their friends. As a result, Josh says there has been a jump in numbers with an average of 35 youth attending. On the agenda every week: Who have you invited? Who are you praying for?

Larissa’s joy is a lunchtime Bible group in one of their local primary schools that has been growing and includes kids that don’t go to Scripture. Larissa says she loves seeing the way these kids enjoy opening their Bibles together with some having begun to attend church-based activities as a result.


Pray for Larissa and Josh

·       Pray for Josh and Larissa as they train up TOM’s leaders. Give thanks that there are many now coming through LiT. Pray Josh and Larissa can maintain the culture of effective training and mentoring at TOMS.

·       Pray for Larissa and Josh as a married couple doing ministry together. Pray for wisdom in establishing boundaries that will make their ministry sustainable in the long term.

Pray for Larissa and Josh as they seek to love and care for the children and families in their care.

Cal Harmer