Why Youthworks College is like 'The Good Place' - in reverse

Have you seen The Good Place? It’s a TV show where the central character dies and is welcomed into the afterlife only to discover that ‘The Good Place’ might not be as good as it first appears.

Hear me carefully when I say Youthworks College reminds me of ‘The Good Place’, only in reverse. On the surface we’re a small community, training youth and children’s ministers who are often underestimated, underappreciated, underpaid and overworked!

But, if we look at Youthworks College from God’s perspective, we see a very different story: students maturing in their faith and personal godliness, growing in their grasp of the gospel and capacity to effectively minister to young people. Young people coming to know Jesus, growing in Him and running the race with endurance (Heb 12:1-2), through the work of God and the ministry of Youthworks College graduates like you.

Youthworks College is a good place by God’s grace as he uses “jars of clay” (2 Cor 4:7-9), like you and me, in his indescribably precious work. There is much to give thanks to God for!

We are well into our second year at our new location in Newtown. The move was an experiment on Youthworks’ behalf, and you may even have been disappointed by the announcement of the College’s move from sylvan Loftus (‘Now, there was a good place!’).

But thanks to the move, we are now training one of our biggest first year cohorts—ever—with 30 new students joining us this year. They are keen, talented, willing to learning and wanting to grow.

We always need students. This is clearly good for the College but, more importantly, it means there are more youth and children’s ministers being trained.

Youthworks College is a good place to be. I hope this reminds you of your role as a graduate of Youthworks College in helping achieve our vision of an effective youth and children’s ministry in every church. Both Info Night and Boost are coming up. Who can you invite to join this good place? 

Emma Anderson