Unit Schedule

Certificate Level Students (Certificate and ASTC)

OT – Old Testament
CB – Christian Belief
ISS – Introducing Study Skills
DSS – Developing Study Skills
IPC – Introductory Pastoral Care
APC – Advanced Pastoral Care
AP – Apprenticeship Project
LMFE – Lay Ministries Field Education
RE – Religious Education
TCFC – Teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom

Cornhill Units
NT Cornhill – New Testament for Cornhill students
CB Cornhill – Christian Belief for Cornhill students

Diploma Units

NT202 – The Early New Testament Church
NT205 – John
OT202 – Old Testament Prophets and Writings
OT205 – Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel
OT240 – Old Testament Overview
CH202 – The Church from 1550 to Modern Times
TH211 – The Holy Spirit, Grace and Hope

EM223 – Foundations for Evangelism
PC203 – Pastoral Skills & Methods
PC235 – Principles of Leadership & Management
PC260 – Apprenticeship Project

Advanced Diploma

EM324 – Foundations for Evangelism
PC403 – Pastoral Skills & Methods


Enrolment is now open for Semester 2