Study Online


Whatever the reason – whether you live too far from Newtown, have to work or raise children – if you’d like to study at Youthworks College but can’t make it to class, you can study online!

Youthworks College offers both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Theology or Ministry online. This means you can fit study around your other commitments as you grow in your understanding of the Bible and sharpen your ministry skills. Using specially prepared audio and lecture content, you interact with fellow students and expert tutors online. With no time limit on completing the diplomas, you can study as many (or as few) subjects as you like and complete the award at your own pace.




Diploma of Theology

This course provides a strong foundation in theological knowledge and reflection. You will delve deeply into the Bible, systematic theology and the history of the church. A Diploma of Theology is a great foundation for those looking to be employed in ministry and is also the minimum requirement for many SRE and chaplaincy roles.



Diploma of Ministry

This course combines biblical studies and church history with practical experience in various ministry areas. This is a great course if you’re interested in practical church ministry such as Christian education, chaplaincy, children’s ministry, evangelism and church planting. The course includes options for hands-on experience alongside theological study.



Combined Diploma of Theology and Ministry

Advanced Diplomas 


Advanced Diploma of Theology

The combined undergraduate Advanced Diploma of Theology / Advanced Diploma of Ministry requires 96 credit points for completion, including at least 24 credit points at advanced (300-400) level. The course duration is 3 years full time, with no part time limit.



Advanced Diploma of Ministry

The Advanced Diploma of Ministry requires 64 credit points (16 units) for completion, including at least 16 credit points (4 units) at advanced level (indicated by unit codes beginning with 300 or 400). The course duration is 2 years full time, or can be completed over several years part time.