PC249 – Guided spiritual formation

PC249 is not a required unit, but is highly recommended for students in the Diploma awards taught by the Timothy Partnership.

PC249 is a program which encourages participants to reflect upon their living of the Christian life in the light of their theological studies and to integrate life, belief and ministry.


PC249 is split into four 1 credit point components completed in the first four semesters of enrollment in the program. It requires students to be involved in Christian ministry in a recognised ministry placement, and meeting regularly with a nominated supervisor.

At the end of each semester, students will engage in a feedback process where they receive formal feedback from their supervisor and a ministry peer, and reflect on that feedback with their supervisor. This feedback is then submitted along with a reflection on the student’s semester of learning and ministry.


PC249 is a pass/fail unit. Successful completion of each semester of PC249 requires the submission of feedback forms and a 1000 word reflection on their semester of learning and ministry.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The candidate has been deepened in their own intimacy with God, and are committed to their future ministry effectiveness being fed by repeated times of personal spiritual renewal.

  2. The candidate has developed their philosophy of ministry so that its broad outline has begun to take shape.

  3. The candidate has engaged, in the course of their theological education, in regular reflection on their own person-hood and vocation in the light of the truths, skills and commitments gained through that formal education.

  4. The candidate has experienced a model of growth through personal accountability, mentoring, reading and reflection, and through this the candidate has been supported and equipped to minister to others.


  1. Intentional participation in local Christian community

  2. Written reflection on a student’s unfolding spiritual journey

  3. Regular contact with an individual mentor

  4. Participation in a group reflective process