Why Study at Youthworks College?

We are a ministry training college that integrates biblical and theological study with ministry practice and experience. Our specialised courses equip you to be an effective youth and children’s minister in your local church . This training will also give you a firm foundation for whatever ministry you pursue in the future; such as church planting, mission work or church leadership. See our study pathways below.


What is the student body like?

Most students are between 20-26 years old, though the range goes all the way up to 60! Our students come from all over Australia and are a delightful mix of single and married people with a wide range of ministry and life experiences. Most students are already involved in youth or children’s ministry , and the college is set-up to enable students to learn and share with one another.

Is Youthworks College only for young people?

No. Children and youth need leaders of all ages! We are a college for people who have a heart for young people and want to see them know and love Jesus.

Do I need to be Anglican to study at Youthworks College?

No. Anyone who loves the Lord Jesus and wants to serve him by working with youth and children is welcome. Whilst we are an Anglican college, many of our students come from non-Anglican churches, so if that’s you, you will have plenty of company.


Can I apply to Youthworks College straight out of school?

We’re delighted you want to study at Youthworks College! We know you’ll be a great asset to your church and community. If you’re looking for a post-school option, we suggest you consider Year 13, or spend a couple of years working or at university to grow and develop in your maturity before beginning ministry training.

Do I need a particular ATAR result to apply?

The ACT requires an ATAR of 65 or above to enter a Diploma course. If you do not have an ATAR, you can gain entry through other avenues. Contact usfor an interview and we may ask you to complete an admissions skills test. Certificate students need to have completed Year 10 at high school or equivalent.

Are there any other prerequisites?

Yes. All applicants will be required to complete Safe Ministry training, including a Working with Children Check. Some international applicants, or applicants who have recently immigrated to Australia, may be asked to provide proof of English language proficiency. This can be obtained by completing an examination administered by International English Language Testing System and achieving a score of 6.5 or higher in each sub-category.

Can I transfer credit from prior theological study?

Yes. Prior learning is recognised according to guidelines set by the Australian College of Theology (ACT). If you would like to apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) or the transfer of credit, please send the College Registrar a copy of your academic transcript and course outlines for the units you wish to have credited.


Does Youthworks College Offer accommodation?

No. However, we can recommend overnight accommodation options within walking distance of the college.

What if I don’t live in the Sydney area?

We have students who travel to College on the train from Wollongong and the Blue Mountains each week. If you are not able to travel to Newtown, you can complete a Diploma online through the Timothy Partnership — our online study program.


Do I have to do my ministry placement at my home or 'sending' church?

That’s up to you and your church. Most of our students do their placement in their home church, and end up working there once they graduate. However, if you are moving to come to College, or your church is too small, or there is some other reason why you cannot serve in your home church, please let us know. We would be happy to help you find a new church family.

Is my church expected to pay for my days of ministry?

This is an arrangement between you and your church, though we think your service is worthy of payment . Students have different circumstances, some work voluntarily but most are raising some support and also being paid for their part-time work with their sending and supervising church.


I am in Year 13 and want to continue studying at Youthworks College. Do I get any credit for the subjects I have done so far?

If you have finished Year 13 and want to keep studying, you will receive credit for all your completed units. Please contact us to talk through the options


I'm a Year 13 graduate wanting to finish my diploma and explore ministry options

Any units that you have completed as part of Year 13 will be credited to you as part of your study at Youthworks College.

We suggest: You complete either the Advanced Diploma or the double diploma program. This can be done facetoface at Youthworks College, or online via the Timothy Partnership, and will qualify you to work as a youth or children’s minister (or set you on a pathway to further theological study and other ministry positions!)

I am actively involved in volunteer ministry, and just want to deepen my knowledge and skills

College isn’t just for those looking to turn their ministry into a vocation – we have plenty of students who are happy to be trained lay leaders in their church, and that’s great! We have several options for those wanting to be more effective in their lay ministry.

We suggest:. You complete the Youthworks Certificate course. Another option is to pick up an individual unit to study face to face or online through the Timothy Partnership.

After that? Consider completing a Diploma of Ministry or Theology online through the Timothy Partnership, or part-time on campus for a more well-rounded theological foundation.

I've been thinking about vocational ministry, but want to test my suitability first

Committing yourself to vocational ministry is a big decision, and we want to help you get it right!

We suggest: The Youthworks-MTS Pathway is perfect for you! Receive specialised theological and ministry training at Youthworks College while you test the waters by completing an MTS apprenticeship with your church. You complete both programs in the same time it would take to do either individually, and gain vital experience to help you make up your mind!

After that? With a double Diploma you are qualified to work as a youth and children’s minister but you might also like to pursue further study and Anglican ordination by entering second-year at Moore College (requires a credit average and a pass in Greek).

I am a vocational minister looking for additional knowledge and skills in youth and children's ministry.

While the gospel never changes, our culture and the issues facing youth and children are constantly evolving. If you’re looking for some specialised ministry skills, or some guidance in thinking through the challenges of ministering to young people, then we can help!

We suggest: Get in touch with Youthworks’ Ministry Support team, attending one of our special workshops such as Boost, or consulting our online program with the Timothy Partnership.

After that? You might like to continue studying and complete a diploma online via the Timothy Partnership, or part-time on campus. We are also developing a Graduate Certificate in children’s and youth ministry, so watch this space!

I want to be a School Chaplain

Chaplaincy is a rewarding career path and a vital support system to local schools and communities. You have two options, depending on whether you are looking to work in public or private school chaplaincy.

We suggest: You need to complete the Introduction to Pastoral Care and Advanced Pastoral Care subjects as part of a completed course. If you hold a qualification in a field such as teaching, social work, psychology or community services (pastoral care, youth work, chaplaincy) you are able to commence immediately.

If you’re interested in working as a Chaplain in a private school, you’ll likely require a bachelor degree. Please contact us for more information on how you can receive advanced standing at Moore College or SMBC.


Who is the ACT?

Whilst they have an acronym that many people naturally confuse with Canberra, the ACT actually stands for the Australian College of Theology – a national higher education provider. As Youthworks College is an affiliate of the ACT our courses are accredited by them.

Is there a time limit in which I have to complete the diploma program?

Yes. Please speak with the Registrar about your program.

Can I come down and visit the campus outside of the scheduled Open Days?

Yes. Contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a time.

Can I get someone out to my church to speak about Youthworks College?

Thought you'd never ask! Just contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a time.