Student Profile.

  • What is the student body like?

    We typically attract younger students than some other colleges. Most students are between 20-26 years old, though the range goes all the way up to 60! Our community comes from all over Australia and are a delightful mix of single and married people with a wide range of ministry and life experience. Everyone is involved in either children’s or youth ministry in some capacity, and the College is set-up to enable us to learn and share with one another.  

  • Is Youthworks College only for young people?

    Many people seem to think that you need to be young to minister to children or youth, but we don’t think that’s true – children and youth need leaders of all ages! And so, we are not a college for young people; rather, we are a college for people who have a heart for young people and want to see them know and love Jesus. 

  • Do I need to be an Anglican to study at Youthworks College?

    Anyone who loves the Lord Jesus and wants to serve him by working with children and youth is welcome. Whilst we are an Anglican College, almost 1 in 4 of our students come from non-Anglican churches, so if that’s you, you will have plenty of company.

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Prerequisites and Prior Learning.

  • Can I apply to Youthworks College straight out of school?

    Whilst we’re delighted you want to come, and we’re sure you’d be an asset to our community and the wider church, going straight from school into full-time ministry training is rarely a good idea. We strongly recommend you apply to Year 13, or spend a couple of years working or at university to grow and develop in your maturity before beginning ministry training.

  • Do I need a particular ATAR result to apply?

    Rest assured that there is no minimum ATAR result required to apply. However the Australian College of Theology (ACT) stipulates that applicants must have satisfactorily completed Year 12 in an Australian school system or equivalent. We’ll also consider other factors such as your practical experience, maturity and motivation, and your likelihood of satisfactorily completing the academic requirements of the course. You can also apply as a mature-age student over the age of 20 without having completed Year 12 or equivalent. We would love to talk with you further about this.

  • Are there any other prerequisites?

    All applicants will be required to complete Safe Ministry training, including a Working with Children Check.

    Some international applicants, or applicants who have recently immigrated to Australia, may be asked to provide proof of English language proficiency. This can be obtained by completing an examination administered by International English Language Testing System and achieving a score of 6.0 or higher in each sub-category.

  • Can I transfer credit from prior theological study?

    Prior learning is recognised according to guidelines set by the Australian College of Theology (ACT). If you would like to apply for RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) or the transfer of credit, please supply the College Registrar a copy of your academic transcript and course outlines for the units you wish to have credited.

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  • Do I have to stay in the overnight accommodation?

    We prefer all our students to stay overnight, even if they live close-by; it helps to build community and form those supportive relationships that will last you a lifetime of ministry. However, we realise that people have different circumstances and so we’re flexible about this policy. Special provisions may be made if you need to care for young children or a sick family member. Please talk to us!

  • Does Youthworks College offer full-time accommodation?

    No. Whilst we’d love to be able to offer full-time accommodation on campus, the accommodation is set-up as single-sex dormitories, so private rooms aren’t available. We also share the site with Year 13 and outside youth groups, and so accommodation is only provided during the actual studying time.

    If you are in need of full-time accommodation, please contact us and we can assist with finding you somewhere to board.

  • Does Youthworks College have married accommodation?

    Loftus has long been regarded as a romantic destination for honeymooning couples, it’s true. Unfortunately though, our accommodation is set-up as single-sex dormitories. So while you hypothetically could bring your spouse along, it might get a bit awkward… Your spouse would probably be happier having the bed at home to themselves one night a week.

  • Does Youthworks College have childcare facilities?

    While we don’t provide childcare facilities, spouses and young children are welcome to come join us for meals. Please contact the College administration team the week before to arrange this.

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Ministry Placement.

  • Do I have to do my ministry placement at my home or ‘sending’ church?

    That’s up to you and your church. Most of our students do their placement in their home church, and end up working there once they graduate. However, if you are moving to come to College, or your church is too small, or there is some other reason why you cannot serve in your home church, please let us know . We would be happy to help you find a new church family.  

  • Is my church expected to pay for my days of ministry?

    This is an arrangement between you and your church, though we think you’re worthy of their hire. Students have different circumstances, some work voluntarily but most are raising some support and also being paid for their part time work with their sending and supervising church.

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Year 13 Students.

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