Combined Diplomas of Theology and Ministry

This award combines the best of both awards and allows students to take more ministry and practice electives and receive two Diplomas for only 4 units more work. It consists of 16 semester-long units.

To receive the Diplomas of Theology and Ministry from the Timothy Partnership, students will complete:

Old Testament Overview

OT201 – Old Testament Foundations
OT202 – Old Testament Prophets and Writings


OT240 – Old Testament Overview

New Testament Overview

NT201 – Jesus and the Gospels
NT202 – The Early New Testament Church


NT240 – New Testament Overview

Two units of Biblical Exegesis

OT205 – Genesis, Deuteronomy, Samuel
NT207 – Selected Letters of the Pauline Corpus & the Book of Revelation

One unit of Systematic Theology

TH210 – The Doctrine of God and the Person and Work of Christ


TH211 – The Holy Spirit, Grace and Hope

Two units of Church History

CH201 – The Church to 1550
CH202 – The Church from 1550 to Modern Times

Ministry and Practice Electives

5 to 7 ministry and practice electives (depending on the selection of New and Old Testament overview units)